Garden Grove Pharmacy Offers:

A caring and compassionate staff: At Garden Grove, you are treated like family. We strike to provide incredibly personalized service while maintaining our patients' confidentiality.

HIV/AIDS Speciality Pharmacy: Proud to be your HIV/AIDS care partners.

Extensive insurance contracts: We accept Medi-Cal, ADAP, Medicare Part D, and all other major insurance plans.

Multilingual Staff

Wellness Center: We stock many over-the-counter medications, supplements, and medical supplies.

Insurance gap assistance: We can help if there is a lapse in insurance benefits, or when coverage is pending. Our staff understands that sometimes there is a need for some extra help during insurance transitions and renewals; we work hard to provide medication coverage during any transitional periods.

Collaborative healthcare: We believe that working together with patients' physicians, case managers, advocates, and family members is the best way to help our patients stay healthy. Once you let us know who is "on your team" we're happy to work with them to make sure everyone is supporting your treatment program.

Multiple FREE DELIVERY options: We make sure that you have access to your medications at home or on the road.

Pharmaceutical consultations: Individual medications profiles and detailed medication and supplement assessments are done on site.

Adherence programs: Our treatment adherence programs are individually tailored to meet your needs; one size does not fit all! We offer many options for adherence including packing pill boxes, bubble packing, timers on pill bottles and more. We will work with you to make sure that your adherence program fits your personality and your lifestyle.

Insurance authorizations specialists: We work hard to obtain insurance coverage for new or specialty medications. This saves time for both you and your doctor and helps get you the medication you need without delay.

Community support: We value community involvement and support HIV/AIDS awareness programs. A few programs that we are involved with are ACTION, AIDS Walk, ASF, Delhi Center, and Shanti.